Brianne & Ryan

I cannot even begin to convey what a joy it was to have Vernon Wiley as our wedding photographer. He was so enthusiastic about shots and wildly creative with placements. His shots are magazine quality and the way he captures light and textures is ridiculously impressive. Not only is he BY FAR the best photographer in Tahoe, but one of the best photographers I have met to date. I would highly HIGHLY recommend Vernon, and would actually go as far to say that any bride would be LUCKY to have him as their photographer! Thank you Vernon!!!!!!


Danielle & Carry

So many things went wrong on our wedding day. Looking at our photos it is so easy to forget them all and focus on the beauty of the day. Vernon did such an awesome job and is such an easy going guy. You feel completely comfortable. Like you're shooting with your friend! He puts a creative edge on his shot angles and creates such an interesting contrast that really make colors pop. His work is definitely worth our money!


Alecia & Josh

Vernon was amazing. He was with us for 10 hours, all day, working nonstop to get all the perfect shots. My photos are so beautiful and so unique. He was professional, friendly, fun, and his creative, artistic talent really shows in his work. We still joke that he was on the ground (yes, the sand and grass) more than he was standing in order to get the perfect angles, lighting, etc. I’ve been to a few weddings since my own and I can safely say that other photographers did not even come close to him.


Tina & John ›

We just had Vernon do our wedding at Heavenly Valley Ski Resort at Lake Tahoe. He was fabulous to work with! He arrived exactly on time and was with us for 12 hours almost nonstop!!! He is creative, fun and a pleasure to work with. He was involved and responsive to our requests. The images are breathtaking, Hire him, you will not be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!


Shannon & Brandon

Vernon Wiley is the single most wonderful photographer I could have picked. His photos were original, stylish and just beautiful! He was quick and efficient, and ensured that we were able to get great photos, but enjoy our wedding and reception, too. He worked with the moment, and had no trouble with the chaos that surrounded our wedding. I can't say enough good things about him-if you need a real professional CHOOSE HIM!


Tad & Kari

Vernon is amazing! He's personable, professional, tasteful, classy, fun, chill, creative, reliable, etc. I think that the photographer is probably your biggest decision for your wedding day (at least it was for us) ... you only have that wedding day once ... which means you only have one chance to catch the memories on film. BEST DECISION MADE FOR OUR WEDDING DAY!


Tracey & Jacob

Vernon was the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t have made a better choice, our images and book are just stunning. Thank you so much.


Tim & Kate

Vernon was not only professional, punctual and reliable, he was also creative, dedicated and committed to capturing our special day the way we wanted. In addition to our incredible wedding day photos, Vernon took amazing engagement photos for us that we used on our favors as well as our invitation. Vernon is a personable, talented photographer who captured our special day perfectly, thank you so Much!!


Carly & Zach

Vernon was beyond a pleasure to work with. He provided quality photos that truly captured the essence of our day. He was consistently professional, reliable, and personable. Not only was he incredibly nice and easygoing, but he knew *exactly* what he was doing - something you just can't be sure about with other photographers. In the future, we will definitely be using Vernon for as our family photographer. We have amazing photos that will last forever and just looking at them transports us back to Lake Tahoe and our amazing day there with family and friends. My husband and I would HIGHLY recommend Vernon Wiley. He is BEYOND AWESOME and you won't be disappointed!


Cynthia & Bobby

Vernon's pictures are unique, artistic and simply AMAZING. He knows how to capture not only the beautiful back drop of our locations but raw emotion from both of us and our guests. His work is one of a kind and his photography touches our hearts in a very special way each time we see them.


Nat & Jake

Vernon is amazing. Period. We spent a lot of time trying to figure who to have as our photographer for our winter wedding in Lake Tahoe and when all was said and done we could't have made a better choice. Vernon was super easy to work with, friendly, professional and most of all took the best pictures we could have asked for. He takes great candid shots capturing the emotion of your event. The party pictures of all the dance moves were also spectacular! I still, almost 2 years later, get compliments on how incredible our photos are.


Alli & Jimmy

As a professional wedding photographer myself, there was no one else I would have trusted with my big day but Vernon. His work as always inspired my own. He is absolutely one of the best in the business!


Michelle & Eric

Vernon is so talented, where he would just feel the vibe of the environment and snap pictures of the raw emotion and good times being had! We set aside Time and he made the most artistic beautiful wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Vernon is one of those guys who you want to keep in touch with even after your wedding because he was is so easy going and seemed like a childhood friend that you haven't seen in a while.


Megan & Reed

We couldn’t be happier with our photographer! We were recommended the photographer by a friend who is a wedding planner in the Tahoe area and when we looked at the website we knew that he was the photographer we wanted to document our special day! They are friendly and great to work with!! A TRUE WORK OF ART